“A Beautiful Body Project”

Global Photographers Directory

If you know any photographers around the world who might want to become an A Beautiful Body Project Photographer, tell them to apply by clicking here!

ABB Project is harnessing the collective wisdom, talents, and experiences of women around the world who are skilled enough to combine being photographers, journalists, and part-therapists, in the tradition that founder Jade Beall has been offering for years with her own clients. The global database of ABB Project Photographers gives you the ability to connect with a woman we have vetted and accepted, so that you when you reach out to her for a shoot, your request for zero airbrushing or digital augmentation will be praised and honored. A global movement is afoot and these women have committed to being a part of it!

United States (by state)

  • Co-founder Jade Beall, in Tucson, AZ: visit www.JadeBeall.com
  • Indiana:
    • Natasha Komoda in Bloomington, Indiana:  learn more at www.Femmeography.com
  • Washington State:
    • Tammy Hanratty in Seattle:  www.tammyhanratty.com
    • Tilly Goble in Seattle: www.naissancestudios.com
    • Elaine Turso in Bremerton, WA: www.elainetursophotography.com/
    • Joy Prouty in Bellingham, WA: wildflowersphotos.com
  • Massachusettes:
    • Sarah Prall: Sarah Prall Photography
  • Pennsylvania:
    • Rachael McCormack in Millersville: Mily Photography
    • Caitlin Domanico in Philadelphia: PhillyBabyPhotography.com
  • Michigan:
    • Bri Luginbill in Grand Rapids: ThePeoplePictureCompany.com
  • Oregon:
    • Melissa Toledo in Portland: melissatoledo.com
    • Melissa Rae in Ashland: MelissaRaePhotography.com
  • California:
    • Robin Ruth in Menlo Park: www.robinruth.com/
  • New York:
    • Anna Cone in Brooklyn: www.annaconephotography.com/
  • Florida:
    • Lizzie Easton-Montes in Miama: www.lizzieeastonphotography.com/
    • Michelle Tricca in Naples: www.michelletricca.com
    • Laura Karin in Parkland: www.laurakarin.com
    • Rene Trebing in Dunnellon: eponaplace.smugmug.com
  • Tennessee:
    • Laura Purtee in Nashville: www.laurapurteeproductions.com/
  • Texas:
    • Dawn Richardson in Fort Worth: www.behr-richardson.com/
  • Hawaii:
    • Jenyfer Patton in Oahu: www.jnyfrpttn.org
  • Georgia:
    • Neely Ker-Fox in Columbus: kerfox.com
  • Virginia
    • Tiffany Joyce in Norfolk: www.littlemissreds.com


  • Belle Verdiglione  in Wembley: visit her site by clicking here. She’s a prenatal, birth, & newborn photographer
  • Louise Delahunty: visit her site: Website http://www.ldphotoart.com/
  • Jennifer Polixenni Brankin in Annandale, NSW: www.polixenni.com
  • Rachel Baker in New Norfolk, Tasmania: rachelbaker.com.au
  • Josie Harvey in Byron Bay: www.josieharvey.com/


  • Saartje Lommelen in Kwaadmechelen. See her work by clicking here.


  • Leticia Valverdes: Learn more about her work at: www.leticiavalverdes.com


  • Ashley Nayler in Petersborough, Ontario. Learn more here: ashnaylerphotography.com/
  • Mailyne Briggs in Ottawa, Ontario: learn more here: dreamlovegrow.com/
  • Marie-Eve B. Lévesque in Quebec: learn more here: www.lalobaphoto.com
  • Zoe Gemelli in Toronto, Ontario: learn more here: zoegemelli.com/
  • Lindsay Schrader in Calgary, Alberta: learn more here: www.facebook.com/infinitelightphotography
  • Makkenah Walker in Edmonton: Click here to learn more
  • Rebecca McKay in Edmonton: learn more here: http://www.rebeccamckayphotography.com/
  • Caitlin Cleveland in Yellowknife, NT: www.clevelandphotography.ca
  • Lisa Hartley in Vancouver: www.lisahartley.com
  • Christine Cook in Manotick, ON: www.LifesMoments.ca


  • Erin White in Kaiserslautern: www.erinwhitephotography.com

Holland/The Netherlands

  • Melanie Rijkers in Breda: learn more about her at www.ArtStudio23.com
  • Danielle Caceres in Limburg. Learn more about her at www.daniellecaceresblog.com
  • Vinita Salome: www.vinitasalome.com/
  • Natalie Carstens: www.nataliecarstens.com/


  • Maria Chiara De Marchi in Padova: https://www.facebook.com/ricordidifiabe

New Zealand

  • Shana Groom in Palmerston North, Manawatu: www.facebook.com/shanagroomphotography


  • Barcelona: Merci Rial: www.facebook.com/merce.rial.3

United Kingdom: 

  • Hannah Mary Palamara in Westerham, Kent: treeoflifedoulaphotography.com/photography-services/portfolio-2/
  • Beccy Strong in Totnes, Devon: learn more about her film and photography work by clicking here.
  • Mim Saxl in Oxford, Oxfordshire: Visit her site by clicking here.